Kootenay Motors
4.86/5.00, based on 88 ratings; 54 user reviews

  Geoffrey, 04/11/2019

Top notch shop, clean and professional. I am a fairly new customer but have had a couple major jobs done here. They have gotten me right in, provided good estimates and timeframes. They identify other issues for you to be aware of. This is a shop I trust and highly recommend which is rare.

  Kerrie, 03/23/2019

Kootenay Motors is my favourite mechanic shop in Nelson (we have many). They always go above and beyond when it comes to maintenance, and some how still keep the costs reasonable. There expert staff have years of experience, and it really shows when it comes to technical diagnostics. This is an honest review from someone who has had lots of work done at there shop and in a town where good help is hard to find Kootenay Motors really shines.

  Tammy, 12/07/2018

Great service!

  Glenn, 12/06/2018

Awesome service.

  Robert, 12/06/2018

Not bad for a walk in. On time and on budget, can't ask for more. Haemish

  Lily, 10/25/2018

I had an out of province inspection done at Kootenay Motors. They were quick, friendly, professional and helpful. They answered all my questions and I wouldn?t hesitate to have them do further work on my truck.

  Molina, 10/18/2018

Excellent service. Friendly staff.

  Gordon, 09/27/2018

Good guys to deal with, they know their stuff, my only critique is when work is suggested, the cost should be quoted at that time. Example; you should replace your re-mistat and kadidle which will cost $1800 approximately, particularly any work that is over $1000, should be discussed. I do understand that material mark-up is part of the business, however in a world of on line shopping the mark up shouldn't be much greater that the cost for the part on line.

  Ross, 09/06/2018

I went to Kootenay Motors for the first time. They provided excellent service and I found them to be sincerely interested in providing honest and competent service. I would recommend them to others for their automotive needs.

  Westnedge, 08/09/2018

I have always been pleased with the work done by Kootenay Motors. Ray, and his staff have worked on my vehicles for many years. When non-routine work has been needed they have given my accurate cost estimates and work has been done in a timely manner. I am pleased to recommend them.

  Barbara, 07/05/2018

I have received excellent service. Big thank you to you guys at Kootenay Motors. I will continue to bring our vehicles there.

  David, 06/14/2018

Always provide excellent recommendations and top quality work. We don't hesitate for a minute to recommend Ray and Kootenay Motors for service and repairs. Dave Douglas

  Virginia, 04/19/2018

I am very satisfied with the service I receive from Kootenay Motors!

  Alfab, 04/19/2018

Totally awesome experience . Thank you guys again JACK

  Degrace, 12/14/2017

The guys at Kootenay Motors are friendly, professional--and responsive! If there's a problem, they get me in right away. They're informative, but there is never pressure to do recommended work. I've been taking my cars to Kootenay Motors for more than 10 years.

  Denholm, 11/09/2017

Excellent timely service and advice! Thanks.

  Barry, 09/07/2017

When I had a problem with my Galaxie Ray's mecanic Mark put the car back on the road.If there is a problem they will get it fixed for you. Barry O'Sullivan

  Denovan, 08/24/2017

Ray is terrific! You have to have a mechanic you can trust and Ray is one you can.

  Tamara, 08/10/2017

These guys always do a solid, reliable job. This time they managed to fit me into a very full day and get it done on time.

  Susan, 07/13/2017

I'm always happy with the service and results.