Kootenay Motors
4.84/5.00, based on 57 ratings; 40 user reviews

  Degrace, 12/14/2017

The guys at Kootenay Motors are friendly, professional--and responsive! If there's a problem, they get me in right away. They're informative, but there is never pressure to do recommended work. I've been taking my cars to Kootenay Motors for more than 10 years.

  Denholm, 11/09/2017

Excellent timely service and advice! Thanks.

  Barry, 09/07/2017

When I had a problem with my Galaxie Ray's mecanic Mark put the car back on the road.If there is a problem they will get it fixed for you. Barry O'Sullivan

  Denovan, 08/24/2017

Ray is terrific! You have to have a mechanic you can trust and Ray is one you can.

  Tamara, 08/10/2017

These guys always do a solid, reliable job. This time they managed to fit me into a very full day and get it done on time.

  Susan, 07/13/2017

I'm always happy with the service and results.

  Max, 07/06/2017

the 'go-to' guys who always get it right

  Kerry, 06/08/2017

Great service, accurate quote, car runs like a dream again... Thanks!!

  Gehr, 06/01/2017

I have a special car and I'm very glad to find someone (Ray) who will work on it for me! I have never been unhappy with what he has done or advised me to do. I'm happy!

  Adam, 05/25/2017

I had my out of province inspection with Kootenay Motors. They did a great job, were honest, and found no surprises. I would definately recommend other people do their inspection here!

  Anna, 05/04/2017

Great, clean, fast and reliable service. Highly recommended.

  Lynn, 04/23/2017

The service we received from Kootenay Motors was quick, friendly, accommodating, and well priced. Thanks for getting my vehicle back on the road!

  Don, 03/12/2017

I have had our 2 vehicles serviced at Kootenay Motors for the past 2 years and have been very pleased with the quality of work performed and the customer service provided.

  Moisey, 01/26/2017

Service performed as promised. Nice touch vacuuming interior. Price in line with competition. Surprised that no window sticker provided as a reminder for next service.

  Uli, 01/26/2017

Great reliable service. short waiting times for appointments. But most of all they always take time to explain the repairs on your vehicle or answer any other questions you may have in regards to your automotive needs.

  Fred, 12/08/2016

Pro technicians that know their trade. Very top notch shop that can tackle today's highly sophisticated vehicles and their associated maintenance and troubleshooting.

  Andriashek, 12/03/2016

We have always been very satisfied with the service that we receive at Kootenay Motors. The service is professional and done in a timely manner.

  Jennifer, 11/17/2016

Friendly and professional service! My car unexpectedly needed repairs and Kootenay Motors helped me get it back on the road.

  William, 11/10/2016

I've been getting great service from theses guys for years. Never had a problem. They're very accommodating, professional, and dependable. Appreciate being alerted to potential problems before anything serious arises.

  Tamara, 11/03/2016

These guys always do a great job in a timely manner, with good customer service, honesty, and rates that are comparable to industry standards. I trust them to take good care of my vehicle, without charging me for unnecessary procedures.